YAYASAN TAMBUHAK SINTA (YTS) collaborates with local communities and governments to strengthen their capacity to jointly manage the process of development in a balanced, sustainable, and equitable way.

YTS brings together local Dayak communities and government through a planning process that links community needs with government resources. Each village creates its own, individual development plan that feeds into the government planning cycle. Government planners and service departments use this information to design and fine-tune their support programmes and community services. Villages are then able to access support that is directly relevant to their needs.

As a second measure, YTS provides immediate technical support for key livelihood activities that are prioritized in the village plan. These include upland rice cultivation and rubber production, and chicken, pig and fish rearing. Technical experts for these activities are contracted by each village directly, with YTS providing financial and management support.

The Foundation strives to improve the capacity of government to plan and manage the overall development process. YTS activities also include an education programme and a community project to prevent the release of toxic mercury used in gold mining into the environment.

Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta, which means the flowing spring of love, was established in 1998 by a mineral exploration company, PT Kalimantan Surya Kencana, together with local Dayak representatives.

Here and on our Videos page you can watch a video made by Yayasan Tambuhak Sinta’s Technical Director, Sumali Agrawal in conjunction with Borneo Productions International about a natural alternative to mercury in gold mining. This method has been pioneered by small-scale miners in North Sulawesi and uses ijuk, a strong and sturdy fibre that comes from the bark of the sugar palm tree that grows all over Indonesia.

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